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Mamu Nikantetau 2024

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The new edition will take place from September 23rd to September 30th, 2024, in Anishnabe territory, and will encompass the Indigenous communities of Kitcisakik, Lac-Simon, and Pikogan, as well as the cities of Val-d'Or and Amos.


Some twenty walkers will cover the entire route, which totals just under 200 km. The event will culminate on September 30 with a commemoration on the site of the former residential school in Saint-Marc-de-Figuery. 


  • The "Mamu Nikantetau" event, meaning "Let's move forward together" in Innu-aimun, is an annual Great Walk aimed at promoting reconciliation and living together between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

  • The event will take place from September 23rd to September 30th, 2024, on Anishnabe territory, covering the communities of Kitcisakik, Lac-Simon, and Pikogan, as well as the cities of Val-d'Or and Amos.

  • Registration is open to all, Indigenous from all nations and non-Indigenous allies aged 18 and over. In order to promote intergenerational exchanges and representation of different backgrounds, we will take into account the age and Nation of the participants in the selection process. The core group of walkers is limited to 20 participants.


    For those who cannot join the main group, portions of the walk will be open to the public. More details will follow.

    • Living a unique group experience

    • Personal growth

    • Supporting one's healing process by sharing with other Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals

    • Gesture of solidarity towards survivors of Indigenous residential schools

    • Actively participating in the reconciliation process

    1. Being in good physical shape to walk several kilometers per day.

    2. Being available from September 22nd to September 30th, 2024.

    3. Being able to travel to Kitcisakik on September 22nd and return from Pikogan on September 30th.

    4. The event is drug and alcohol-free.

    5. Spaces are limited.

    6. A refundable deposit of $100 is required to confirm registration once selected.

    • Monday, September 23rd: 17 km

    • Tuesday, September 24th: 23 km

    • Wednesday, September 25th: 26 km

    • Thursday, September 26th: 22 km and local walk in Val-d'Or (4 km)

    • Friday, September 27th: 23 km

    • Saturday, September 28th: 28 km

    • Sunday, September 29th: 24 km

    • Monday, September 30th: Participation in the commemoration at the site of the former St-Marc-de-Figuery residential school (5 km)

    • Higher self-esteem

    • Better understanding of Indigenous realities

    • New friendships

    • Sense of belonging

    • Pride and sense of accomplishment

    • Better physical and mental health

    • Increased determination

  • For any inquiries, you can contact us at the following email address:

Mamu Nikantetau March

The Mamu Nikantetau march, meaning "Let's Move Forward Together" in Innu-aimun, is an annual walk aimed at promoting reconciliation and living together.

Vue de drone des marcheurs mamu nikantetau

A step towards healing and reconciliation

In the summer of 2022, in conjunction with the Pope's visit to Canada, Puamun Meshkenu organized a large march in support of the survivors of residential schools and those who lost their lives there.


Building on the success of the 2022 walk, the Mamu Nikantetau Walk is a continuation of last year's event. The aim is to continue the open and inclusive dialogue between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, to raise awareness of the history and current challenges facing indigenous peoples, and to promote healing and mutual understanding, particularly with regard to the effects of intergenerational trauma.


From our perspective, healing, both individual and collective, must be an integral part of the truth and reconciliation process. Without truth, we cannot heal, and without healing, we cannot reconcile. It is with this in mind that we wish to pursue the path we have already begun, in order to continue the healing process to which we must commit ourselves.

The walkers - 2023 Edition

Frederic Jourdain 

Innu of Uashat

Evangeline Bellemare

Attikamekw of Wemotaci 

Tatiana Jourdain-Rock

Innu of Mani-Utenam

Willie Nabinacaboo

Naskapi of Kawawachikamach

Sebastien Methot

Québécois of Sept-Iles

Marie-Catherine Picard

Innu of Pessamit

Marco Bacon

Innu of Mashteuiatsh 

Tawnie Lahache

Mohawk of Kahnawá:ke

Sarah Bourque

Québécoise of St-Bruno-de-Montarville

Micheline Bellemare

Attikamewk of Wemotaci

Albert Lalonde

Québécois.e of Montréal

Johanne Aster

Innu of Matimekush-Lac John

A journey marked by exchanges, encounters and overcoming challenges.

The walkers - 2023 Edition