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Dr Stanley Vollant

Non-profit organization started in 2016 by Dr. Stanley Vollant

Our goal is to inspire and support Indigenous Peoples in developing to their full potential

Our actions promote healthy lifestyles, encourage school perseverance and foster reconciliation.

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Puamun Meshkenu

Our dream (“puamun” in Innu) is that Indigenous Peoples develop to their full potential and contribute to collective well-being.


Our mission is to inspire and support Indigenous Peoples to follow their own path of a thousand dreams (or “Puamun Meshkenu” in Innu) in a way that is mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally holistic.

Upcoming events

Mamu Nikantetau March

/ September 23 - 30 

The 300 km route will be a symbolic journey, from the community of Pessamit to that of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam, where walkers will meet indigenous and non-indigenous people to share their messages of hope, healing, respect and reconciliation.

Our values


This value means maintaining and preserving Indigenous cultural traditions, identities and customs. It also means sharing, passing down, valuing and educating with respect for all Indigenous cultures. This value also holds the capacity for resilience and the will to live a contemporary lifestyle with pride.


​This value means working to improve people’s well-being, in ways that are aligned with their needs and respect their experiences and differences. Wellness requires action in order to regain balance and is about responsibility. This value draws on the holistic principles of the Medicine Wheel.


​This value means working to reach a common goal, for and by Indigenous Peoples. It also means valuing constructive partnerships with other Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples and organizations. Collaboration involves respect, honesty, transparency and a desire for reconciliation. It is illustrated by the strengths and skills, creativity and actions of Puamun Meshkenu’s team members.


This value means carrying out our mission with enthusiasm, determination and conviction.This value underlies the organization’s vitality and dynamism in all its endeavours, as well as its sound, optimized and respectful management. This value generates abundance and the realization of dreams, and it also means taking our rightful place. 

Dr Stanley Vollant marche Innu Meshkenu
Dr Stanley Vollant marche Innu Meshkenu
Stanley Vollant marche Innu Meshkenu

The Innu Meshkenu Walking Movement

Discover the story behind Puamun Meshkenu

Innu Meshkenu is a movement started by Dr. Stanley Vollant’s by 6,000-km walk from 2010 to 2017. Travelling the road of his ancestors, Dr. Vollant went to meet Indigenous people living in the communities across Quebec. He sought to convey his message of hope to young people and took the time to visit many schools along the way.


Puamun Meshkenu Youth Ambassadors is a development and training program that allows Quebec’s Indigenous youth to gain work and public speaking experience, by facilitating the acquisition of the skills needed as ambassadors.

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Working towards common goals

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