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About Puamun Meshkenu

Puamun, n. i. : dream (pwamu:n)
Meshkenu, n. i. : road, path, way.

Puamun Meshkenu (Innu for the “path of a thousand dreams”) is a non-profit organization started in 2016 by Dr. Stanley Vollant. Since its foundation, the organization works to inspire Indigenous Peoples and support them in developing to their full potential. Just like his ancestor Innu Meshkenu, Puamun Meshkenu initiates projects to have a lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of Indigenous youth and to create a structuring movement for all Indigenous communities in Quebec.

Dr Stanley Vollant Innu Meshkenu

Our story

Innu Meshkenu Walking Mouvement

Innu Meshkenu is a movement started by Dr. Stanley Vollant’s by 6,000-km walk from 2010 to 2017. Travelling the road of his ancestors, Dr. Vollant went to meet Indigenous people living in the communities across Quebec. He sought to convey his message of hope to young people and took the time to visit many schools along the way. The walking movement promotes healthy lifestyle habits and provides both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities with a universal experience that bridges cultures. A true inspiration for many, the walking movement has touched Indigenous people who have decided to join the great human project that is Innu Meshkenu. Carrying the message of school perseverance to the young people he met along the way, Dr. Vollant gathered their dreams with his walking stick and conveyed hope with the message "With a courageous heart, nothing is impossible".